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medifast-lean-and-green-meal-benefitsResearch results and study after study have proven that a healthy, lean figure highly reduces the chances of developing health-related issues as people get older.

As a result, we have made it our goal is to become slim and lean all year round. That’s 52 weeks of slim and lean. Hence, 52SL.net was born.

Our mission is to help people fight obesity and get back our health.

If you believe and find yourself to be over the normal weight associated with your age and height, it’s about time you lose weight so that you can live a healthy life. Losing weight has a lot of physical and mental benefits.

Getting to be slim and lean is a goal that we all want to achieve so that we can have a more active, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

Through sharing results of weight loss and diet studies and tips, we hope that we can help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Fighting obesity is a big job, and the team at 52SL is up to the challenge by providing our readers information, reviews, resources, and tips to help during their own journey.

Let’s get healthy together!

Janet Metz and the 52SL.net Team


Meet The Team

Janet Metz

During her college years, Janet found herself gaining weight uncontrollably … with emphasis on “uncontrollably”. The so-called “Freshman 15” was her worst nightmare, as she would recall. She adds with a laugh:

“It was more like Freshman 25+ for me.”

It was then when she started learning more about health and nutrition and made it a central part of her own lifestyle.

Through the years, Janet has also helped family and friends manage their weight. To her, this was a very fulfilling experience which paved way to starting a new venture to further her reach.

This is how 52SL.net got started.

According to Janet:

“Losing weight isn’t about following a fad diet, or starving yourself. It’s about finding a healthy way to regain your health and then maintain it.”

When asked about what makes 52SL.net a great resource for people looking to manage their health and their weight, she adds:

“We answer your questions and provide you with some of the most common reasons people are unhealthy today. For many people, our website represents a go-to resource for all things related to health, weight loss, and overall well-being.”

As someone who loves to cook and to eat, Janet is not the typical 100% healthy eater that you are inclined to think. She says, she really does eat anything.

“The only difference is that healthy food makes the bulk of what I consume. For the so-called ‘not so healthy food’, it’s really about portion control. Just don’t overdo them.”

Janet loves to cook and bake for her family. A fan of the Food Network, she says she loves learning how to whip new dishes for her family.

She also admits raising her kid is no easy task but is definitely very fulfilling. “There’s never a dull moment,” she says.


Jasmin Gorostiza, DT, DM, DSS, CFPP

Known fondly among her colleagues and friends as “THE Nutritionist”, we are very proud to have Jasmin as our in-house certified dietary and nutrition expert.

Jasmin joined our team recently to provide important and critical advisory and guidance to our published content.

Jasmin has over 20 years of food service management experience in healthcare. Jasmin prides herself in being able to help the people around her stay healthy and manage their weight by sharing her expertise in nutritional assessments, menu planning, and weight management advisory.

Her food and nutrition philosophy can be summed-up as follows:

“I don’t believe in extreme dieting. An attainable and sustainable approach to weight management should be everyone’s goal.”

More importantly, She adds:

“People should have a three-pronged approach to healthy eating. This means you should watch your calorie, saturated fat, and sodium (salt) intake. In combination with exercise, this approach will help prevent heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other health-related issues.”

Below are Jasmin’s certifications:

  • Dietetic Technician (DT), Merritt College, Oakland, California
  • Certified Dietary Manager (DM)
  • Certified Dietary Service Supervisor (DSS) as required under California Title 22, CCR, Sections 70275(b) and 72035(b)
  • Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP)
  • Serv Safe Certificate, California – HAACP (Food Safety)

Jasmin has also been a prime factor in helping seniors stay healthy and active by designing and applying her knowledge in therapeutic diets and geriatric nutrition.

Her experience and work responsibilities are as follows:

  • Menu planning for general nutrition wellness, healthy eating, and heart health
  • Overall supervision of Dietary Department in acute, rehab, and long-term care
  • Preparing facilities for State Inspections and consistently passing all State Surveys

During her spare time, Jasmin loves to hang-out with her two wonderful kids, watch a lot of TV and movies, and just chill with Molly, her lovable Mini Schnauzer.

Here is a link to Jasmin’s LinkedIn profile in case you would like to learn more about her.


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