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We all have our own weight loss journey. There are times in our life when we are faced with the reality of having to lose weight. And that’s a pretty tough time to face.

That’s why we thought of setting up 52SL.net so that we can be there for you in the event that you have to lose weight. We aim to support you by providing healthy weight loss tips, tricks, and information. By visiting our website, located at 52SL.net, you agree to our rules listed in this Agreement.

Use of Our Website Content

We take pride in what we can offer you here in 52SL.net. We are confident that our articles can motivate and inspire you to lose weight. What we have to offer you here is all based on our research and experience on weight loss.

You are welcome to use our materials as long as it’s for you personal consumption. You agree NOT to share any of our materials without our consent. You will never claim any of our materials as your own. You have to secure our consent to be able to share our website content.

How To Contact Us

You can contact us anytime. We have provided a page where you can find a contact form. You can use that form to communicate with us. Whether you want to secure our consent or share any weight loss story, you can always use that form.

How To Communicate With Us

We will always keep the communication lines here open. We would love to hear from you. In line with this, you agree NOT to engage in any kind of behavior that can offend, discriminate, discredit, or even violate any individual. The language you will use to communicate with us should not reflect any of the behaviors previously mentioned. Furthermore, your communication with us should only be within the parameters of weight loss. You can contact us here.

Freedom Of Choice

You will find affiliate links on 52SL.net. We use affiliate earnings to help maintain this site as maintaining a site requires costs related to hosting the site, creating and writing articles, site security and safety, and other costs involved in keeping a fully functional and easy to use site. We would like to make it clear that you are not bound to patronize whatever we are featuring here. You have the freedom of choice.

If you decide to purchase the product we are featuring, you agree to have understood the Disclosure on Compensated Affiliate posted on the website. Furthermore, we are not answerable to any decision you will make in furthering any transaction with our featured product. Whatever decision you will make here is based on your own freedom of choice.

The rules in this Agreement are bound to change. It is your responsibility to be up to date with any of the changes in this Agreement.

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