Privacy Policy

Nothing could be more important to us than your personal information. Such is the reason why we have a privacy policy here in We deem it necessary for you to know how we secure whatever kind of personal information you share with us here.

Email Address

We do not collect any kind of personal information from you. Nor are you even required to share anything about yourself when you access our website. But when you do need to contact us, you would have to share with us your email address. You cannot submit the contact form without filling out the email address field.

It’s the same thing if you want to post a comment. You would have to share with us your email address. You cannot post a comment on our website without filling out the email address field.

In the event that you would have to share with your email address, we guarantee you that we will always protect it. Your email address will not be shared or sold. Also, it will not be published in any way. We understand that you want to keep your email address private. So we will also do our best to secure it at all times. We will not share it with anybody. We will not post it publicly. Most importantly, we will not sell it to anybody.

It’s also worth knowing that we will not use your email address to update or notify you of any changes in our privacy policy. Changes and updates to our privacy policy will be seen here. We will not send you any emails unless, of course, you have any questions or queries that we have to answer. You can pretty much be sure that your email address is secured with us.

IP Address

If you do intent to post a comment, you will also be sharing your IP address with us. Your IP address determines where you are coming from. It also tells us what or whose internet network you are using.

Your IP address will never be used for anything but for demographic profiling only. So long as your comments are within our terms and conditions policy, we will never use your IP address for anything else but for profiling where you are coming from.


We will not be sending you any notification of updates. However, you can view all the updates here on

It’s very important for you know that your personal information here is secured. We assure you that we will do everything to keep it that way.

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