Does Nutrisystem Work? Here’s The Inside Scoop On This Popular Diet

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Our readers have reached out to us with these frequently asked questions: “Does Nutrisystem work?” … “Can Nutrisystem really help me lose weight?” … “How does Nutrisystem work?”

There are a lot of folks claiming that this particular weight loss plan really works. Does Nutrisystem really work? So we did some digging and found out that apparently, it does.

How about losing weight with Nutrisystem’s popular Italian Sausage And Turkey Pepperoni Pizza?

So why does Nutrisystem work? How does this diet program work?

Here are a seven interesting insights why Nutrisystem works.

7. It Guides You To Do Simple Physical Activities

A regular activity that gets you going is an important aspect of your weight loss and maintenance. Hence, Nutrisystem incorporates some kind of regular activity into your plan.

Nutrisystem encourages all their clients to exercise for, at least, two hours and thirty minutes every week. This means that you will have to move for about 30 minutes every day.

This does not require you to get into any kind of workout regimen. You don’t need to go to the gym. Nutrisystem has a good list of doable physical activities that you can look into.

6. Easy-To-Follow Resources Are Readily Available

Nutrisystem is all about eating the right kind of stuff so that you can finally shed the unwanted pounds. Nutrisystem is also designed to keep the weight off for good.

That’s why it comes with various resources like a Food Planner and a Resource Guide. These resources can help you keep track of the food you eat and at the same time, it will guide you as to what kind of food you can buy in the grocery store.

Given all these resources, you are sure to get the right amount of your daily food servings, without compromising your health in any way.

Nutrisystem is all about eating the right kind of stuff so that you can finally shed the unwanted pounds.

5. Desserts Are In

It’s very hard to eat with someone who isn’t trying to lose weight. That person is most likely to eat something that you shouldn’t.

That’s just going to make you feel so awful. Nutrisystem gets this clearly. That’s why it allows you to eat some stuff that you thought you could never eat during weight loss.

One kind of food that’s usually avoided during weight loss is ice cream. Well, with Nutrisystem, you don’t have to feel left out when the people you’re with are eating ice cream.

Would you believe that you can have ice cream on a diet? It’s time for my dessert and I usually have it midday. Today, I’m going to have the Fudge Swirl Sundae.

Yes, desserts are in with Nutrisystem. It’s one of those foods that you can include in your daily diet and still lose weight.

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4. Your Way To Weight Loss Is Frequent Eating

Here’s a very interesting insight as to why Nutrisystem really works. It compels you to eat frequently. That means you must eat in between meals.

Snacks are hard to avoid. As the day goes on, you’re bound to crave for some snacks. Another interesting insight as to why Nutrisystem works well is the fact that you can eat a snack during the day.

It’s time for my mid day snack. One of the things I like to do is make, what I call a lettuce wrap. You can have sandwich meat actually on Nutrisystem …

You not only get to snack during the day. You also get to snack before bedtime.

My nighttime snack, I like to eat my last serving of fruit for the day, which is my apple and I have my fat serving for the day and we’re allowed one teaspoon of smooth or chunky peanut butter for your fat … This makes for a wonderful nighttime snack.

The frequent eating that’s required on Nutrisystem is what makes the weight loss happen.  You’re never get hungry and therefore, you never go on a binge.

The frequent eating that’s required on Nutrisystem is what makes the weight loss happen.  You’re never get hungry and therefore, you never go on a binge.

3. You Can Personalize Your Plans

Nutrisystem isn’t a one-size-fits-all weight loss program. If it were, then it wouldn’t be successful. There can never be a generic weight loss program that can work for everybody else. Weight is such a personal matter.

Everybody has his or her own story to tell. Each story is very different for the other. Nutrisystem puts a huge consideration on the personal needs of each and every single client. Hence, you will find a lot of diet plans on Nutrisystem. You can see a sample meal plan on this video.

I am on the Women’s Plan and there are several different others and they all kind of vary just a little bit but the one I’m going to show you is the Women’s Plan. We’re going to base everything off of our meal plan, which makes it really easy to get in all the servings you need to everyday.

Nutrisystem isn’t a one-size-fits-all weight loss program. If it were, then it wouldn’t be successful.

Here’s a sample breakfast.

This morning for breakfast, I’m going to have a Garden Vegetable Omelet with a little shredded cheese on top and my apples.

It’s another full meal for lunch. This is something you would never expect from a weight loss program.

Here’s the lunch that I’m having today on Nutrisystem. I’m having today on my Nutrisystem, a Chicken Quesadilla. I have a little bit of salsa on top and then I’m going to have my vegetables. I’ve got half a cup of the steamed carrots … I’m not really sure how much broccoli there is, it’s unlimited. So you can have as much of that as you would like. Fill up on that, it’s really good … I’m having my lunch with some carbonated water.

A dinner meal on Nutrisystem would look something like this.

For dinner I am having, one of my absolute favorites from the frozen select line, it’s the Chicken Alfredo … I’m also having a salad … which is unlimited … I’ve a little bit of lemon juice drizzled on top for the dressing and that takes care of my two servings of vegetables.

That’s just a sample meal from Nutrisystem. Of course, yours would be totally different. It would really depend on what your preferences are. You can choose your own plan. You can choose your own food. That’s why Nutrisystem works so well because it takes in consideration all the different needs of their clients. Related Read: Promo Codes for Nutrisystem Makes It Super Affordable

2. It Works Well With Regular Food

Another interesting insight as to why Nutrisystem works is that you can actually combine it with regular foods. Yes, you are not compelled to strictly avail of their foods. You can actually combine your Nutrisystem foods with the ones you can get from the grocery store.

In addition to the shelf stable foods from Nutrisystem, you also have to buy some things from the grocery store to round out your nutrition, such as fruits, vegetables, and sometimes you’re adding protein and stuff too. It could be as easy as a protein shake or it could be eggs or fish or something like that.

Getting the right kind of food from the grocery won’t take up so much of time once you’re on Nutrisystem. The reason for this is that Nutrisystem will guide you as to what kind of foods to choose. So you won’t be guessing anymore.

1. It Gets To You In A Well-Organized Box

Nutrisystem spares you from the stress of having to purchase healthy food. It’s a fact that going to the grocery store takes up a lot of time. Choosing the healthy stuff takes up more time and you just can’t afford to spare that much time to get everything done.

One major reason why Nutrisystem works is that it spares you from all the hassle of doing the grocery. Your Nutrisystem order gets to you in a well-organized box. You place your order and wait for it to arrive. When it gets to you, every single item is properly arranged.

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This video can give you a good idea as to what’s going to arrive at your doorsteps:

Here’s my first Nutrisystem box. It weights 31 lbs and was delivered by Fedex. Right on top, daily planner and Resource Guide.

Soon as you open your Nutrisystem box, you will notice how organized the contents are. It actually is color-coded. Related Read: This Is Where You Can Buy Nutrisystem Frozen Food

… orange is lunch, blue is breakfast, and purple, it says desserts but really it’s snacks …it’s got salty and sweet snacks you can choose from.

These interesting insights show exactly why Nutrisystem works very well.

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10 thoughts on “Does Nutrisystem Work? Here’s The Inside Scoop On This Popular Diet

  1. You can definitely personalize your plans by choosing the foods you like. I choose their pizzas all the time. Yum! They come in a variety of flavors.

  2. If you need to lose weight but can’t stop your sweet tooth from enjoying some desserts, Nutrisystem is the right diet program for you. Their desserts include frozen ice cream products and brownies.

  3. These 7 interesting insights have convinced me to try out Nutrisystem. Now, I am looking forward to eating a healthy diet that’s not too strict and at the same time, safe and effective. Thanks.

  4. The most unique feature of Nutrisystem is the fact that it works really well with regular foods. You can be on Nutrisystem and still enjoy regular foods. That is the one feature that Nutrisystem can actually claim to be their very own. The usual diet plans are usually very strict with the kind of food to eat. Nutrisystem is very flexible when it comes to food intake.

  5. The flexibility of the Nutrisystem program is what works well for me.Their food is good to eat alone or combined with some fresh produce. Either way, it works well. When I am not pressed for time, I can mix my replacement dish with some lovely vegetables to get some semblance of a freshly home-cooked meal. If my schedule is way too tight, I can still have a good meal with a stand alone dish from Nutrisystem. There’s no pressure whatsoever and that’s very important for me.

  6. Now I have a better understanding as to how Nutrisystem works. I thought it was like the other food replacement program where the last meal of the day is usually put together by the dieter but it’s not. Nutrisystem has got all the main meals and snacks covered and it’s a choice whether the dieter wants to add some vegetables. That matters a lot to me because of my hectic schedule. I can do with or without the addition of fresh vegetables. Either way, I can still eat and not worry about the calories.

  7. It may sound easy but frequent eating is not something you can do with just any kind of food. You need to choose your food because you still have to be within your calorie intake. Nutrisystem can help you. You can get the right foods from them so that you can eat frequently without worrying too much about your weight.

    1. Yes, I’m learning that now since I’m on my first month with Nutrisystem. I don’t think it would have been easy for me to eat all throughout the day if it weren’t for the meals that I ordered. It’s very important that I have my Nutrisystem food options with me all the time because I might end up eating something else when I get hungry. That will screw up my calorie intake for the day.

  8. I just want to thank you because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to sign up for Nutrisystem, Actually, I had long been planning on signing up and if I hadn’t come across your discount, I would have ended up paying more. So thank you for the discount code and all the information you’re sharing. It’s very helpful especially for someone like who has been struggling with weight for the longest time,

  9. I was never the sporty kind. Doing any kind of physical workout is just not my thing. I’m too clumsy to start with. Anyway, one of the deciding factors why I went for Nutrisystem is their physical plan, which fits me perfectly. It’s not overbearing at all. As a matter of fact, it just guides me to ramp up whatever physical activity I have been doing. There’s no physical pain or exertion whatsoever. I like that very much.


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